Native Daughters – Master Manipulator

  Native Daughters – Master Manipulator Master Manipulator really goes to show that some of the best music being created is coming out of this genre. The musicianship in this album is top notch and even though some areas get repetitive the sound really shines as something new and unique. Native Daughters really made something amazing here and I have …

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Baron Crâne – Baron Crâne

Baron Crane – Like Lord the flies but better, because cranes Baron Crâne or as I’ll refer to them for literally the rest of the review Baron Crane, because I’m not French and I don’t have time to keep putting accents over random letters. There’s not much to say about this EP, it’s heavy, it’s interesting and it goes down …

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Bojack Horseman – Season 3

Bojack Horseman wallpaper

Horsing around with Bojack Horseman Bojack Horseman is a strange phenomenon in my mind. I remember when it first released on Netflix and for about a month after that it had 2 star ratings. I mostly started watching it as something to distract me while I was trying to sleep. But the show actually did something for me. It was entertaining. …

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Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops the line wallpaper

In honor of the 2K Humble Bundle this week I thought I would review Spec Ops: The Line which is available for $1 so what better time to look into it? Spec Ops: The Line starts out with what feels like any other shooter. Like a scene right out of Aladdin. Except the magic carpet is a helicopter, the singing is machine …

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Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Wallpaper

  The 2 things that are infinite are the universe and the amount of fun I had with Bioshock Infinite Considering that July 6th, 2016 is that day that Bioshock Infinite takes place I decided to review it. And only 3 years after it was originally released. If you were gaming during 2013 then you remember that the year was full …

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