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Baron Crane – Like Lord the flies but better, because cranes

Baron Crâne or as I’ll refer to them for literally the rest of the review Baron Crane, because I’m not French and I don’t have time to keep putting accents over random letters. There’s not much to say about this EP, it’s heavy, it’s interesting and it goes down smooth, like my wife after she’s shaved. From the beginning it reminds me of a smooth jazz cover of Rage Against the Machine’s Bulls on Parade which sounds kinda dorky and like it’s already been done, but then it gets into some stoner/doom riffs and just doesn’t come down from there.


Warm Lake really sets the mood for the rest of the EP, with some funky base lines and a great atmospheric guitar. This is where Baron Crane mostly resembles Smooth Jazz Bulls on Parade, with the rythmic base line and amazing jam session sound that makes you want to drink a wine of glass in front of a fireplace but also makes you want to head bang and mosh.


Other songs like 45-53 really bring it down to a whisper and turn it up to 11 in what feels like a suspenseful carnival and definitely my favorite song on the album, which is like taking someone behind a dark alley only to show them a circus on the other side.  The entire album has a sort of energy that melds together and songs start sounding the same, but unique enough to capture your interest.


If you like stoner or doom metal then this will definitely break the monotony of hearing the same thing over and over, but while still maintaining an amazing atmospheric sound and keeping you interested and impressed at every corner. It’s something that you can just lay back and listen to or blast it and feel like you’re never coming down. The whole album is free to download on their Bandcamp and you can also listen to the whole thing on Youtube

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