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The 2 things that are infinite are the universe and the amount of fun I had with Bioshock Infinite

Considering that July 6th, 2016 is that day that Bioshock Infinite takes place I decided to review it. And only 3 years after it was originally released. If you were gaming during 2013 then you remember that the year was full of games as shocking as shock jockey, like The Last of Us and Dishonored. But even now the game that stands out the most is Bioshock Infinite. With it’s incredible story, compelling and approachable characters and even some amazing gameplay that is leaps and sky hooks over the original.


This is probably my favorite part of the game. Unlike the original Bioshock this game this one held up surprisingly well. The guns feel fluid and accessible without feeling too overpowered. The Plasmids Vigors are helpful and though you’ll favor some they all come in handy at some points in the game. One thing that really surprised me was the difficulty. All of the settings were fun. This might be the first game where normal means some challenges and hard is challenging without being unfair. I’ve really gotta hand it to them for making such a balanced combat system in a single player game.


This is where Bioshock Infinite really gets it’s golden star. If you haven’t played the game then get on that right now and then come back because I’m about to open a can of spoilers and it’s feeding time. When you introduce multiple realities it’s basically saying “Who’s gonna watch us jump this shark?” but this game really pulled it off. Near the end when all of the magic light house shit is going on I was getting worried that they would just leave it open ended and fuck up the ending. But when it end the game literally wraps it up. Everything that was introduced and pointed out in the last 30 minutes gets brought back, explained and tied up into a beautiful bow. Also this really helped to explain a lot of the crazier things.


If you can’t tell yet, I loved the game and I think everyone should play it. But I’ve gotta jump off of Bioshock Infinite’s dick for a second here. The game play gets repetitive at times. Though I’ve gotta hand it to them for setting up achievements that reward you for changing it up once in a while. Aside from that there’s really no reason to not use a carbine and a shotgun just in case an enemy gets too close. And if you’re picking up all of the clothing options then by the end you’ll have the power to walk into a nuclear blast and come out without a scratch as long as you’re jumping on a sky line every three seconds. Also the whole use of Vigors seems to clash a bit with the feeling of Columbia, and although it’s explained, it still feels cheaply added.


If you played the first Bioshock and loved that but hated the second one then you’re not alone. And this game will suit you nicely. If you like first person shooters with great stories then check this one out. I think the game is accessible to everyone. Even the easy settings will be fun for newcomers to first person shooters and the gameplay is so fun that it won’t feel like a chore. I’ll be recommending this game to everyone.

P.S. If you have an older or budget graphics card give this game a whirl. Even with Ultra setting (But multi-sampling and shadows turned down) I was able to play the game in 1080p and 60FPS. Which was pretty impressive for my 750ti. So it might be worth checking out for that alone.

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