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Horsing around with Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is a strange phenomenon in my mind. I remember when it first released on Netflix and for about a month after that it had 2 star ratings. I mostly started watching it as something to distract me while I was trying to sleep. But the show actually did something for me. It was entertaining. It had some great jokes, some really dumb jokes and some incredibly deep and surprisingly heart felt moments. I didn’t completely understand everything going on so I restarted the series and fell in love.


The story is simple, a horse named Bojack Horseman was in a 90’s sitcom and we catch up with him 20 years later. He’s washed up, hasn’t jab a job since then and he’s in the middle of writing his memoirs. Things get flipped turned upside down and he ends up meeting a lot of new people and learning a lot about himself. The thing about this show is that it’s not afraid to show the other side to showbiz. Not another annoying show saying that celebrities have it harder than us, but saying that sure, they might have nice lives, but it’s not as glamorous and rewarding as people think. This especially shines in the third season.


If you had to describe Bojack Horseman’s cast in one word it would be “Star-studded” because the amount of famous actors in this show is ridiculous. Bojack is voiced by Will Arnett (Gob from Arrested Development) his “roommate” Todd is voiced by Aaron Paul (Jessie from Breaking bad) and Diane is voiced by Alison Brie (Annie from Community). Normally if a show has this many stars it ends up being a mess and none of the actors do a good job. But I was blown away time and time again by the voice actors. I almost didn’t recognize their voices or only associated them with the characters they were playing because it was done so effortlessly. Especially when the show gets dark and Will Arnett delivers his lines so emotionally that you can’t believe he isn’t Bojack Horseman


This is where Bojack Horseman really shines. This might be the best writing I’ve seen in a show since Breaking Bad. The characters change and grow throughout the series. The pacing is fantastic, though there was a bit of a slowing down in Episode 5 of the third season. But overall it’s a show that I can start watching and can’t stop until I finish the season. The show gets dark though, when that happens the show pulls down its pants and just has us take a look at everything, warts and all. From Bojack’s dreams and hopes, to the crushing realization that those won’t bring him happiness and the crushing of those hopes and dreams.


Bojack Horseman is a comedy for those that want something deeper, something that you want to turn your brain off to but it keeps shaking you and telling you to look at it. Like that kid all hyped up on Mt. Dew in a 6th grade slumber party. There were a lot of chuckles and some pretty good laughs, especially in the pun department. But once the show gets serious and shows you what it wants you to see, that’s when it really sets itself apart from everything else. If you liked other shows like Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black and Louie then you’ll enjoy this one. If you’re expecting something along the lines of American Dad, The Simpsons or Archer then you’ll be disappointed.

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