Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops the line wallpaper

In honor of the 2K Humble Bundle this week I thought I would review Spec Ops: The Line which is available for $1 so what better time to look into it? Spec Ops: The Line starts out with what feels like any other shooter. Like a scene right out of Aladdin. Except the magic carpet is a helicopter, the singing is machine …

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Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Wallpaper

  The 2 things that are infinite are the universe and the amount of fun I had with Bioshock Infinite Considering that July 6th, 2016 is that day that Bioshock Infinite takes place I decided to review it. And only 3 years after it was originally released. If you were gaming during 2013 then you remember that the year was full …

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Hotline Miami

Hotlime Miami Wallpaper

Hotline Miami Hotline Miami has been a breath of fresh air. With all of the copy pasted modern games coming out and the ones that are good being huge and taking hours to get through. Hotline Miami has proved that you can have a short game with great gameplay and the visual equivalent of a toddler spilling all of his …

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Undertale Wallpaper

Undertale is like turning 13, it’s all 12 year olds talk about and once you actually get into it it’s just a bit over-hyped. Story: I’ll try to keep this as short and vague as possible, since that’s the best way to play the game.The first hour or so of the game is spent in the caring arms of Toriel, …

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Metro 2033

  Metro 2033 I remember playing Fallout 3 and more recently Stalker and thinking “Wow, this handles like my first girlfriend. Stiff, awkward and no matter how well I aim it’s not going where I expected” well Metro 2033 is a lot like running into that girlfriend 10 years later and seeing that someone else had the balls to fix …

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