Bojack Horseman – Season 3

Bojack Horseman wallpaper

Horsing around with Bojack Horseman Bojack Horseman is a strange phenomenon in my mind. I remember when it first released on Netflix and for about a month after that it had 2 star ratings. I mostly started watching it as something to distract me while I was trying to sleep. But the show actually did something for me. It was entertaining. …

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  Erased Erased does something that very few others can. It somehow makes an interesting, complicated murder mystery that doesn’t feel boring or drags on. Every minute in Erased keeps your interest and if it ever slows down then there’s a surprise right around the corner. The thing that I liked the most about this show though is that the …

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Trailer Park Boys Season 10

Trailer Park Boys Season 10 Trailer Park Boys Season 10 starts with some boring and slightly predictable jokes, almost to the point where I wanted to stop watching. But I’m so glad that I kept watching. After the first one or two episodes the show really starts to pick up. There’s some great jokes, some great moments and some great …

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Daredevil – Season 1

Daredevil – Season 1 Daredevil’s first season is dark, gritty, violent but overall it’s exciting, compelling and incredibly well written. The thing that impressed me the most is the writing, from the way the women actually feel like different people and not just love interests, the way that Foggy and Matt feel like real friends who crack lame jokes and …

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Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill This is the most ridiculous unique anime I’ve ever watched. From the get go Kill la Kill sets a certain mood of controlled insanity that only One Punch Man has matched. The animation looks great, the characters are all tropes but done in a self conscious way that makes them stand out in my mind. The story …

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