Native Daughters – Master Manipulator

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Native Daughters – Master Manipulator

Master Manipulator really goes to show that some of the best music being created is coming out of this genre. The musicianship in this album is top notch and even though some areas get repetitive the sound really shines as something new and unique. Native Daughters really made something amazing here and I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future.


The musical style that Native Daughters brings in this album is a little hard to pin down. It’s a little bit of every genre under the Metal umbrella, though what stick out the most is the Progressive metal rhythm and the Stoner metal sound. With songs that are very atmospheric and beautifully played that remind me of Skyrim’s wide open Soundtrack. With the Prog really shining in the drums and the almost ethereal sound making its introduction through the guitars. Overall it’s two different styles that compliment each other beautifully, with the drums being the focus and the guitars emphasizing that sound with their very slow heavy riffs. A combination that I always thought would clash, but end up doing a great job of keeping up with one another.


This is where I think the album really stands out. The amount of talent in this album is not only shines individually but in the chemistry as a band. Especially in songs like Duke where the guitars almost feel like they’re talking to each other with some incredibly impressive drumming going on and a complete sense of organized chaos. Sounds that heavily remind me of The Red and Blue albums from Baroness.


If you enjoy bands like Isis, Baroness, Between the Buried and Me or even Tool then you’ll definitely find something to like on this Master Manipulator. If you’ve listened to bands like Pink Floyd, King Crimson or the Metallica instrumentals then this one might be worth a shot.

This album was found thanks to the great efforts of Stoned Meadow of Doom on Youtube. If you have a chance check out his channel and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed

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