Spec Ops: The Line

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In honor of the 2K Humble Bundle this week I thought I would review Spec Ops: The Line which is available for $1 so what better time to look into it?

Spec Ops: The Line starts out with what feels like any other shooter. Like a scene right out of Aladdin. Except the magic carpet is a helicopter, the singing is machine gun fire, and the whole new world is shooting other helicopters. What really threw me off is that your squad mates are actually interesting. They face some moral dilemmas while you’re doing your typical video game shooter thing but what really threw me off is that the comic relief actually made me chuckle a few times.


in Spec Ops: The Line was… well, it was mostly just there. Nothing special or out of the ordinary really going on. The inclusion of breaking objects to cover enemies in sand was slightly satisfying and at least it made things a little more interesting. One thing I feel like I have to mention though is the difficulty. It was kind of surprising how often I was dying, even in the normal and easy difficulties. It made sense for the area in the game, but the difficulty curve was a little too high. But at least it forces you to git gud or go home.


This is something I normally don’t mention, but it has to be mentioned for this game. The sounds design and voice acting was amazing. The heavy guns sounded heavy, the rifles had a firm sound and the music, had a sense of distance and depth. When sound design is mediocre you don’t really notice it. But when it’s terrible or amazing you notice. In this game I not only noticed, but I was blown away. One criticism though is that once the battles died out or I was sneaking, reloading made my character scream that at the top of his lungs, which sucked me out of the game a bit. But it wasn’t enough to undermine the game itself.


If you’ve been looking for a shooter with a good story, great voice acting, moral choices in a shooter and a solid campaign that you can beat in a few hours then this game is perfect. There’s not much below the surface as far as gameplay, but there doesn’t have to be. I like to think of it as what Apocalypse Now could’ve been if everything didn’t fall apart in production. If the humble bundle is still going on then make sure to pick up this gem. Though even at full price I think this game is worth the price tag for the experience.

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